Headshots & Senior Portraits

When it comes to Photography, Portraits are my favorite thing to shoot.

Shooting lightning is great. Sports and Action Photography is awesome. Outdoor and Landscapes are always interesting. But few things are as rewarding and fun as creating a fine Portrait. The eyes are truly the window to the soul, and being trusted with taking a persons Portrait is something I love to do, and work my hardest to make sure people are happy with the end result.
Many factors play into building great Portraits. Experience is key. It takes many failures in Photography to see success. If you're taking photos, and thinking they don't look right, you're already one step closer to shooting better photos. You must identify what is wrong before you can learn to improve.

Understanding the gear, how a camera works, what it means to shoot wide open or in low light. What is a fast lens. What is a long lens. F-stops and shutter speeds, sensor sensitivities, and pixels. It all adds up to a foundation from which you can build your craft. Light, angles, subject framing and composition are the ingredients of your photos.

Senior Portraits

IMG_9915 copy
Have you ever seen a photo of someone you know, and think "This photo does not do her justice"? - How about every photo on facebook. Worse, you're thinking of your own photos of you on facebook! It's no accident. Unfortunately it's a reality that taking a terrible picture is easy. Taking a good photo can happen with any mix of patience, knowlege, or luck. Taking a dramatic engaging Portrait is truly an art form.


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